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Mother's Day
Grace Basket

What is a Grace Basket?

Our Grace Baskets are a collection of intimately designed bundles, provided as a reassurance for women living away in homeless shelters across New York. As part of our Local Blessings Initiative, our Grace Baskets are crafted during Mother’s Day season. We partner with shelters and addiction centers in our area to provide free Grace Baskets, holding all essential items women need for their shelter stay along with a giant KJV Holy Bible.

What We Do
About Grace Basket

The contents of our Grace Baskets are carefully curated by our team to provide women with all the essential items they need for their stays in homeless shelters. 


Provide a long-lasting KJV Giant Print Bible along with a Waterproof Bookmark and Flashlight Pen for journaling. 


Partner with various homeless shelters and addiction centers across New York to establish community partners who encourage motherhood.


Total number of Mother’s Grace Baskets distributed


Women’s shelters worked partnered with in New York

Who We've Worked With
Send us essentials

You can help us fill Mother’s Grace Baskets by sending new towels and hygiene products (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and soap). We accept donations of essential items of any kind at our address: 53 East Merrick Road #111 Freeport, NY 11520. 

Mail us an 
Illustration of

Children often express themselves through illustration during their youth to convey their affection for their families. Have your child create an illustration of what their mothers mean to them! Mail us these illustrations and we will place them inside of our Grace Baskets to encourage struggling mothers to keep going

How Sponsorship Works
How is my money used?

Your contribution of $60 will cover the full cost of one Mother’s Grace Basket. Your donation is combined with others to fully fund Grace Baskets for several locations. Once we reach our desired goal for funding, we partner with a homeless shelter and addiction centers, to learn about new women seeking to take advantage of the services they provide. At the beginning of their stay, they will be gifted a Mother’s Grace Basket which will possess all the essential items they’ll require during time spent at any of these locations.

What will I receive?

Once we complete of our full donation of Grace Baskets to the location you helped sponsor, we will send you a thank you letter along with a God’s Way Foundation Flashlight Pen! In the letter, we will inform you about the homeless shelter or addiction center you helped sponsor. We will also write your name on the hangtags we attach to our baskets to let the mothers know who helped fund their Grace Basket.

Why sponsor a Grace Basket?

Sponsoring a Mother’s Grace Basket is giving the gift of love to women who need positive reinforcement in their time of struggle. Gifting them with a Grace Basket of essentials to help them persevere, will lead them to becoming stronger and more faithful than before, having lived through their current crisis.

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