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Easter Basket Giveaway


Our baskets are designed to educate children on the history of Easter and its Christian origins, while maintaining the joviality associated with this annual holiday. We distribute these baskets to churches, homeless shelters, hospitals and to individual children in the Long Island and New York City area!




Easter Baskets with Children’s Bibles


Churches donated to


Homeless shelter and hospitals donated to

Letters of Thankfulness
Sowing a seed of $45, helps bring one child closer to God’s grace!
Sponsoring one of our Easter Baskets

- Provides and child with a Christian-themed basket to help associate Easter Sunday with the resurrection of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. 

- Purchase one child with an age-appropriate Children’s Bible. 

- Helps us purchase literature about the Christian origins of Easter and its history. 

- Along with your monetary donation, you have the option of sending in a prayer to place inside of your sponsored basket. 

Our Easter Baskets

How Sponsorship Works
How is my money used?

Our organization seeks to redefine the Easter holiday in contemporary times by crafting explicitly Christian-themed baskets. Our renowned baskets include a myriad of Christian materials including bible-themed coloring books, a stuffed animal, easter eggs, jump ropes, bubbles, a Berenstein Bears book, an age-appropriate Children’s Bible and much more! Your sponsorship of $45 covers the full cost of one basket and provides one more child with one of our bundles of grace.

What will I receive?

Once we complete of our Easter Basket Giveaway campaign, we will send you a thank you letter along with a God’s Way Foundation Flashlight Pen! In the letter, we will inform you about the church, hospital or homeless shelter you helped sponsor. We will also write your name on the hangtags we attach to our baskets to let the children know who helped fund their Easter Basket.

Why sponsor our Easter Baskets?

Sponsorship is a way to maximize impact and become a part of our ‘’Local Blessings Initiative’. God’s Way Foundation is driven to shifting the mentality of wider society towards neighborliness. By creating a bridge between strangers, we help restore unity to our neighborhoods. Our baskets serve as a step closer to a thriving Christian society by providing local children with baskets that’ll ease their entry to

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